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ToyBoy on Netflix

On Netflix’s latest Spanish-language sensation a stripper sets out to prove his innocence for a crime he didn’t commit and was unjustly incarcerated for seven years earlier. Great Netflix series! www.netflix.com

Toyboy can be your best friend

The most popular notions surrounding toyboy relationships are those that paint the relationship in colors of sexual gain. Although society is gaining more enlightenment, most of the erroneous beliefs about toyboy relationships are beginning to fall short of sufficient premises. This lack of premises is causing many people to ask if there is more to […]

Love addiction or core conditions?

I recently read a fair amount, plus research for my new novel that involves the delicious task of reading every women’s magazine hot gossip on the market. However, suffice it to say that many questions seem to be asked about the inconvenience of relationships and the pros and cons of dating. So, for what this […]

The million bucks

A few weeks ago I went to a meeting with a boy who was sending me an email for a while. He played tennis. He was tall. Looks good. He checked a lot of boxes. But I didn’t let him go anywhere because I was dating The Toyboy. While I never put “off market” on […]

ToyBoy Island

All of you hate me for this article, standing there staring at your windows in the rain. The burning leaves of August slipping down the sidewalk as summer reaches the disastrous end. While here I melt in the Caribbean. But it is not so easy in Paradise! Left behind my Italian Boyfriend To begin with, […]

Too Little Too Young

I met the most beautiful young woman last night, but … and yes, there is a “gift”. There is not always one where I am concerned … Okay, so I told you about some of the younger women who had crossed my path before; whether it was that French-Canadian killing intent, or rather a former […]

Don’t you know that you’re toxic?

I have a new pet. A small and very cute creature has made a new home in the outer wall of my Clapham apartment. As the apartment colleagues go, he is not so bad: nocturnal, quiet. Occasionally we meet eye to eye: I am obviously on his territory. But after a few weeks I think […]

ToyBoy 25 going on 50

This is Karim’s story. A very polite, nice, friendly, sorry young man, TOY BOY, I met him in December 2004. My original one. Speaking as someone who has been around the block a few times and met several (a lot, actually) bumps in the road, this * boy * is one of the most decent […]

I Let Her Go Away

“Foreign Country is the past; they do things differently there … “begins L. P. Hartley in” The Go-Between. ” Now there is a line that has always stuck with me. You see, although I can tell the past from time to time. Of course you know – I don’t like being with him. Why? Well, […]

E-ticket – Tips for Toyboys…

Well, we thought it’s  time to give the toyboys some tips on how to reach out to a woman. There are some basic differences between the sexes and We have the feeling that some of the people on the site do not know them happily. Let’s start from the premise that, like any other blogging […]