E-ticket – Tips for Toyboys…

Well, we thought it’s  time to give the toyboys some tips on how to reach out to a woman. There are some basic differences between the sexes and We have the feeling that some of the people on the site do not know them happily.

Let’s start from the premise that, like any other blogging site, some people are looking for fling, while others are looking for relationships. This also applies to men and women.

So, guys, the rules are pretty much the same when it comes to dealing with a woman, whether you’re looking for a fling or a relationship, the only difference being that you can get down to a quicker if it’s a problem.


Never make emails clean!

A woman will not respond if she thinks you have used the scattered approach. Whatever you want from her, you have to make her feel special. How difficult is it to choose something from her profile and mention it in your message? Aside from the fact that some of the women on the site are friends and can compare notes of what a guy said in his email, as it happened recently.

Do not send a message that says “Wanna chat? I can send a picture. “Why would a woman want to talk to you when she knows virtually nothing about you. Usually it means MSN, which many women do not like. Also, if you say you can send a picture, but you don’t have one on the site, what does that say? You probably already have at least 3 women and you want to be discreet. Photos are extremely important and you should put them on your site.

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Which brings us to our next point. The picture. There are a few guys out there who are obsessed with firing on the site and, like the stealthy bombers, are trying to fly under the radar to shoot at their cyber target. We’re sorry, guys, it won’t work. The ToyBoy radar system is not allowed. As it says,  “Keep your soldiers in private.”

There are other guys who start a friendly conversation with a woman and then out of the blue, they will send her a will. There is one thing that you really need to understand; a testament shot at a woman is not what is a shot at a man. I mean, have you seen the top shelves of journalists piled up with naked men sorcerers? Not. A woman finds an attractive penis only when she is in close contact with him and already knows she likes the guy. If a picture is displayed before that stage, it is a major deactivation. As it is said, an excellent headache always works best, or a head and torso blow, not a torso headache.

Also, another number does not suggest web cam, because that clearly means video sex. It does not count! It comes down to this: don’t be too direct too soon.

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