Sad Story of a Beautiful Woman Dating a ToyBoy

In the space of three years, it has been released by the law firm that averagely a lot of men, younger men in fact file out a divorce from their older wives. Expectedly or traditionally, a man should be quite older than the woman, if not entirely.

Not the way some people have taken it.

Why is that?

Does that actually matter?

We will see.

Here’s the story of a beautiful woman by the name, Beverly Glick narrating her experience with her Toyboy and lover.

In Beverly’s opinion of love, she really thinks age is just a number and doesn’t exactly matter in a relationship. She sees older women dating younger men as interesting and there seems to be nothing wrong with it.  She gets surprised each time her colleague or anybody questions her about her young man, toyboy and lover. You would also want to ask if you saw it happen. She thinks a 21-year age gap means nothing at all, instead it adds more beauty to a relationship.

22-year age gap?

That’s a lot.

Isn’t it?

Could it be that she hasn’t really seen how real it could be before she decided to get along with him?

How did all this happen in the first place?

I am sure you want to know.

The Beginning

Christmas just began and Beverly just turned 50, she still looked beautiful in her fifties though. Earlier that year, she had taken into the social media and started chatting with this very attractive young man that practically asked her out. But, he was 33.

Surprisingly, the Italian man said he was fine with dating older women like her and he has other men like him who find older women dating younger men fun. At first, she found it absurd and out of question. But, as time went by, she became a regular woman in the dating website always chatting with the Italian young man.

You can really imagine what happens next?


But, she dropped him. She really found it awkward, I think.

Long Age Range

It didn’t stop there amazingly. Beverly dropped the website and registered with another one but, guess what? She specified an age range of 25-45, below her age.

She was really getting interested in a young man, I guess. Maybe the Italian cougar was not all that way cool. Well, that’s by the way.

Eventually, she received a message from a 29 – year old since that was her range. It got so thoughtful in the long run, they planned to meet. But, obviously, something seemed special about him.

Thinking of it? The Italian was 33 and this other young man was 29? Says a lot…

I felt comfortable and happy around him,” she said.



Felt Loved

Dating older women was something the 29-year-old caring, funny and mature just the way she described him had to his interest. He joined the dating site specifically to send her a message. She felt so loved every time they were together. He was her toyboy for sure.

On New years’ eve which also happened to be their second date, she introduced him to her family. Her mother showed a bit of disapproval but only smiled. Beverly never cared about that. She was serious about him.

He was too.

Times rolled by, she proposed to him on Leap Year Day 2008 and of course, he accepted. They were so in love with each other for sure.

This sounds crazy now right?

I mean she proposed to a young man that is pretty young enough to be her son. She never cared about all of that. She called it love.

Is this really love?

They got married in 2010, invited guests of course. She was really into him. “I want to spend my whole life with him,” She says.


Did it get all smooth afterwards?

They got along for a while and things began to fall apart. Beverly began to see the differences in their life stages. She wanted Children and her toyboy didn’t want children at that stage. He wanted to have just her rather than kids.


But, she still had hope that the strong bond of love between them would solve the problem.

It was so clear she treated him just like a husband and she respected him. No matter how fine it sounds, there will always be that reminder in her mind that he is way younger and not entirely ready. Maybe he was only excited?

Was that the case?

Maybe it was.


Mind Changed?

On this day in June 2012, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee pageant was almost rained off. Her toyboy turned husband told her he has finally changed his mind about having children which got her happy that he has finally bought into what she wanted.

After she has uttered some words about looking into surrogacy or IVF because Beverly was 55 at that time and it was just post-menopause. Her husband or toyboy broke it up to her that he would prefer to have children with a woman of his age.


Heartbreaking isn’t it?

“It was like a strike that pierced through my heart” she descried. This really brought down a happy marriage. She couldn’t believe her young man would say something like that. It was very obvious his mind was made up.

So what happens next?

Well, after a rough month in her marital home, her toyboy moved out. Definitely, I will say he was just playing her and he was probably excited. Just two years together, and it all ended in a divorce. No questions asked and no procedure for fixing up the marriage. Her marriage with her toyboy ended in ruins.

Beverly actually didn’t end her marriage happily and as a woman in her fifties, she rather opted out to become a storyteller and public speaker rather than getting married again. Now, she really says older women dating younger men is something she would never do in her life. She wouldn’t also advise that anyone do the same because it could end up just like hers.

A broken marriage and a broken heart.

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