How the toyboy trend came into existence?

How the toyboy trend came into existence

The word toyboy is a word meaning “a younger male lover that fall in love with an older woman. This term is not to be mixed with a slightly equivalent term called “boytoy”. Boytoy means a young woman whose sole aim is to serve the purpose of sexual activities and pleasure for men. The differences are just that toyboy falls in love with his older partner while boytoy has a sexual goal towards her partner. Moreover, toyboy applies to male gender while boytoy is often applied to the female gender. The term “toyboy” is not fully in trend when compared to the word “cougar”.

Cougar refers to the older woman in a relationship with a younger lover called a toyboy. However, as the term “cougar” trends, so also is the term” toyboy”. The only difference is that cougar as a word has been in usage before the word toyboy comes into existence. So the term “toyboy” can be said to be as far as when the term “cougar” came into existence. The origin of cougar relationship with toyboys can be dated back to when older women visit the bar with the aim of getting a younger man to take home for the night.

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The term “toyboy” has been applied to young men in their 20s and 30s that pursue a relationship with older women that are 40 years and above. Then how does toyboy, cougar relationship starts coming into existence and getting accepted in the society? Some popular occurrences and happenings must have led to bringing the term into limelight. Some of the factors establishing toyboy trends into existence are as follows:

Entertainment industries and the media:

The concept of toyboy was been used in different television shows, programs, advertising clips, and in romance movies. It can be said that the entertainment industry contributed immensely to bringing of toyboy into the limelight. In 1967, a movie called “The Graduate” depicted a toyboy relationship.

In the movie, a married nurse was in a pursue of a younger lover for a relationship goal. Another such movie is “All things Fair” produced in 1995. It described how a 15 years old pupil fell in love with his 35 years old teacher. In recent times, many movies portraying toyboy relationship were been produced.

A good example is the 2016 movie titled “Sing street”. It was shown in the movie that a young boy escapes from his strained family life. He started a music band to impress an older woman he loves. Here and many other movies are intensively contributing to the encouragement of cougar, toyboy relationship.

Apart from movies, television reality shows have also contributed to the existence of toyboy, cougar relationship. For example, in 2009, Cable ‘s TV land aired a show called “The Cougar”. This medium provides an avenue for cougars to pick a date with younger men.

Dating websites:

Another factor bringing toyboy, cougar relationship into existence is the emergence of various dating blogs and websites. However, nobody can deny that there has been a revolution in real dating over the past few years and so is the emergence of new sites that specializes in this type of niche. They specialize in hooking up cougars with toyboys. Example of such dating sites is Toyboy warehouse, Toyboy connection.

Their sole aim is to bring about linking of toyboys to older women and ensuring there is a genuine and compatible relationship between them. These websites believed that their members are ladies at their 40s, 50s, and 60s. These ladies are not ready to be in a relationship with older men with thinning hairline and thickening waistline. They believed that these women are obsessed with young, attractive men that have a zest for life. They also believed that their members who are younger men love dating older women. This is due to their perception of seeing older women to be self-assured, free-spirited and appealing.

Celebrities and public figures

The phenomenon of cougar and toyboy dating can be associated with glamorous celebrities like Madonna, Demi Moore. Although, cougar dating can be dated back to the time of history of some famous people. Some of those famous and notable figures are Cleopatra, Catherine the Great, and Elizabeth 1.  Up till present, cougar relationship is still pronounced among public figures. One of the recent occurrences of this type of relationship is Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. Even though Nick Jonas is 10 years younger, the relationship still remained intact and successful.

Not only them are in cougar relationship, there are other celebrities and also famous figures in this relationship. Due to the involvement of famous people in cougar relationship, the world is now accepting cougar relationship as an ideal relationship. This is in contrast to their former beliefs and rumors. This has led to more people freely engaging themselves in cougar relationships. Examples of other celebrities in this are Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo cast in GOT) and Lisa Bonet. Other celebrities in this relationship are Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne, Evan Mendes and Ryan Gosling, Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima. Also, are Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade, Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden, Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smith, etc.

One of the most known is the relationship of the French president. The French President Macron aged 39 and Brigittie Trogneux aged 64. It was known that he met her when he was 15 years old. He vowed to marry her when he was 17 years but she turned him down. Some years after, she got divorced with her husband and settled with Emmanuel Macron. Ever since then, her marriage to him has been healthy and sustainable.

The occurrence of cougar relationships among famous and notable people in the world has vividly brought a permanent existence to this type of relationship. There have been occurrences of this relationship around the world. This establishment of toyboys and cougars are now gradually being devoid of fear, intimidations, stigma, condemnation, and criticism.

In Conclusion

Due to the different factors that have brought about bringing toyboys into the limelight, toyboy has been successfully established to be ideal in most societies. Gradually, the predatory connotations people have developed against toyboy are gradually diminishing. The society is now developing a change thought to it as against their former belief and thought about toyboy. In fact, toyboy relationship is now being encouraged, so far it will be sustainable and healthy for both partners. This is in contrast to their beliefs that older man, younger woman relationship is most perfect and sustainable relationship. Presently, people are coming to realize that the age differences don’t count in sustaining a relationship. The general belief is that age is just a number and not a limit to in relationships. All these are what makes toyboy to be trending and established as an ideal partner for a perfect relationship.

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