Harvard research says! Get a Toyboy, if you want to start a family

If you’re planning to start a family at some point in your life, Harvard research says: get yourself a ToyBoy.

According to a new study of about 20’000 cycles of fertility treatment, women with younger partners have higher success rate, in comparison of the man of their age or older.


The sperm from younger guys, invigorate older women’s egg, which is less fertilized by the men’s of their own age.

While, Female fertility declines as they grow older and has big impact on live birth rates, the age of the man is although a significant factor.

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The study conducted by Harvard Medical School, tracked birth rate of about 7,753 couples, undergoing treatment between 2000 and 2014, having age between 30 and 42.

It was also found that women with older partners have very less success rate.

Women aged between 35 to 40 have higher success rate with the partner having age under 30.

Women under 30 with partners aged 35 and older have very less chance of conceiving. Compared to those of partners aged 35 and below.

Further researches carried out have also found that sperm quality and quantity in men diminishes with age. Apparently, on the average, sperm count is about 107 million in a man in his 20s.

The sperm count falls to 35.5 million when he is reaching his 50s. Although less fertility occurs in both aging man and woman, it is not predictable in all men. This is unlike all women that less fertility is more predictable when they are at their 40s.

Most women are prone to decline in fertility from the mid-30s or their 40s. Around 1 in 10 women at age 40 get pregnant in a single menstrual cycle. This is one of the major reasons why older women should start a family with younger men.

Moreover, the sperm of toyboys repairs depleting the fertility of older women. It also reduces birth complications such as miscarriage, embryo development problems. There are high chances that children conceived with toyboys won’t develop any health risks like autism, low IQ and Schizophrenia.

This is unlike children of older men conceived by women that are at their mid-30s and 40s. Getting a toyboy is a perfect deal for you to start a new family.

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