Life may mean different things to different women, but as a woman grows older, she begins to live life on her own terms. Different events shape a woman but only an intelligent woman can have everything at the grasp of her hands.

Yes! Everything! And that includes love, lust, and romance. Tell me, who else deserves everything than an intelligent older woman?

While no one can answer differently to the question above, many people raise queer eyelids at older women dating younger men. You know, the usual unnecessary prodding and labels, e.g., cougar-cub, toyboy, etc., to make it seem like a bad thing. Whereas, love has no concrete definition especially for two adults who want to be together.

A young man dating an older woman is just like any other relationship say between a young man and young woman. It is admirable to see two people who share mutual interests with love. A toyboy dating an older woman can be a happy relationship, and it may turn out awful.

This article will share insights on what a relationship between a younger man and an intelligent older woman may present. We will consider the good, bad, and the false beliefs that we usually hear about younger men dating older women.


Let us start off by finding answers to this question.

An intelligent older woman deserves a young, energetic man who is stylish, and fun to be with. It is however tricky to find a smart and articulate toy boy as most younger men that are open to dating older women only have their eyes set on the sex and the gratifications.

What does a young man have to offer an older woman, let alone an intelligent older woman? A smart older woman looking to date a younger man would not just want to get on a trend. It will be for obvious interests and passions that only a young man can match.

There are benefits that come with this sort of relationship, and it is not just for the older women alone. There are benefits for the young man in the relationship too.


When a younger man begins dating an older woman, apart from the difference in age, the difference in their experiences also helps both of them become better. While the older woman has several life experiences up her sleeve, the young man will be open about life. If he sees any chance to gain some experience, he will utilize it to the fullest. This creates a perfect blend for both of them.

You have a younger man who is looking to take care of himself and enjoy life to the fullest. You also have an older woman who wants to have fun alongside him but knows when to draw the limit. This helps them stand right so that they do not fall off the edge. It creates a balance from the contributions of each one of them in the relationship either knowingly or unknowingly.


The shared experiences are the biggest strength of the relationship between a young man dating an older woman. This comes alongside the attraction, love, and adventure. All of this will keep both of them in line while they can explore their passion to the highest level without feeling let down by the failures from their past relationships.

With an intelligent woman, a toyboy becomes a much better young man. He will not only be proud to show off his woman among his peers but will function at the height of his creativity, brilliance, and intellectual strength. When the young man exhausts his brainpower, his physical strength will still be beneficial to their relationship. They can achieve so much together while being of benefit to each other sexually.

In the end, the young man and the older woman dating each other will gain so much in terms of the experiences, wisdom, and confidence they share, and the amount of success they can get to achieve together is much more incredible than if they were dating their peers who would share almost the same views on issues.

A young toyboy can gain so much from the expressions of an older woman. Unlike younger women, the older woman will be able to tell him what she needs precisely while commanding respect.

The benefits in this relationship include emotional stability, good sexual intensity, increase in confidence, better health and well-being, companionship, intellectual connections over meaningful conversations, but most importantly, the molding of a smart, open-minded, and confident young man which, is perhaps the most significant benefit of dating older women.


The biggest problems a younger man dating an older woman faces are the lenses from which society judges their relationship. Love does not have a failsafe approach. However, when a young man finds it with an older woman, we begin to ask the wrong questions.

The same society which wants the single older woman to enjoy life frowns when she begins dating a younger man.

“Oh, this relationship is just about sex and money.” This is what many people often say when an older, richer woman is with a young man.

Some other people think that the young man becomes vulnerable by dating an older woman. They do not remember the many benefits that can come from the relationship.

The biggest con however, is that most times the younger man who may not be half as intelligent before he got together with the older woman, will gain so much from her knowledge and experiences that he may feel he has now become mature in the process. If he feels this way, the young man may eventually feel that he is better off without the older woman. Particularly, if he now has a lot from her in terms of material possession.

A young man dating an older woman does not have to be a toyboy according to popular notions. They can enjoy a beneficial and mutual romantic relationship together with benefits.

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