toyboy can be your best friend

Toyboy can be your best friend

The most popular notions surrounding toyboy relationships are those that paint the relationship in colors of sexual gain. Although society is gaining more enlightenment, most of the erroneous beliefs about toyboy relationships are beginning to fall short of sufficient premises. This lack of premises is causing many people to ask if there is more to a toyboy relationship.

Forget what you may think you know about toyboy relationships. 52% of women in America share romance with younger guys. This is because Toyboy relationships have the potentials of breeding the best friendships anyone can imagine. Dating a toyboy is like dating any other man, and unless friendship is active in the relationship, there are no guarantees laid in stone that the relationship will work.

Misconceptions over time

When folks discuss toyboy relationships, they deliberate mostly from a position of judgment and the focus is usually on sexual gains, but who says a toyboy cannot be your best friend?

The problem is that we tend to lend credence to misconceptions over time, and the sad fact about misconceptions trailing toyboy relationships is that they do not favor women.

Heck! So, people do not want to see a confident woman making her life choices? I cannot seem to fathom it.

Every relationship, either romantic or otherwise, can only thrive when friendship holds a vital spot. Therefore, if you are looking to make the most out of your relationship with your toyboy, your best bet would be to build the relationship on and around friendship.

Support from friendship

Irrespective of what anybody thinks or says about toyboy relationships, you should not concern yourself with their banal assumptions. Instead, you should have your eyes set at all times on gaining the most out of the relationship alongside other perks that come with the relationship.

Friendship is fundamental to any relationship. When friendship is made central to any relationship, other aspects of such a relationship will draw support from the friendship. Whereas, in any relationship where friendship is missing or not correctly established, such a relationship is a risky experience.

If you really think about it, you will agree that sexual gymnastics will become tiring after a few runs. And in a toyboy relationship, the chances are higher that both partners may have an unequal drive for sex. You may wonder, how then do you fan the embers of attraction in a toyboy relationship? The answer is friendship. You know, getting to honestly know your partner for who they are.


If you consider your experiences, they will tell you better that every relationship is a potpourri of good and bad experiences. When friendship is active, it will help you glide through the good experiences, and push through the bad experiences.

You need friendship to make your toyboy relationship blossom except you are only concerned about the sexual gains alone. Any relationship which does not have friendship as its basis will fail.

Mind you, a toyboy relationship even if built on friendship has its risks too especially if the partners involved are not genuine in their intentions and only have their sights set on the gains. If you let your desires, wants, and needs to take prominence above friendship, it ruins your chances of getting real benefits from your toyboy relationship.


Of course, your hormones will shoot up, and your excitement and perhaps desperation may be in the way, but you should never allow them to rob you of the benefits of friendship.

Do not be fooled by society’s standard of toyboy relationships. You can forge the best friendship from your relationship with your toyboy and even enjoy breathtaking romance, but you must first take your time to assess and know the person for who they are if you want true friendship.


At what point should you take it beyond friendship and kickstart your relationship?

Good question.

You see, the best time to take it beyond friendship should be at the point where thoughts about the younger man keep you up at night. Don’t you agree?

Scratch that. I know that is what you want to hear, but frankly, it does not exactly work that way.

The truth is no other person can tell when to take your friendship with a younger man a notch higher except you. If you are sure that you have nurtured true friendship interests in the younger man, only you can tell that it is time to take things a step further and start a relationship.

There may not be a generic answer to the above question, but there are some clues that can help you reach your answer, and I will discuss them quickly.

Common grounds

When you place friendship before wanting to sweat it out under the sheets in a rush, you will be able to see if the younger man possesses qualities that make him endearing to you. I’m not talking about his ripped abs and his handsome looks. They do matter, but I am holding out for something more here.

First, I believe you should look out for shared common grounds. I know they say it is good for couples to complement each other. But your age differences and the many questions that friends and family will raise will tend to put you apart so, sharing common grounds will pull you back together. Do you have common grounds you share with this younger man?

Next, you should think about how you feel around the younger man as a friend. Does he lift your spirits? Does he invigorate your energy? Does he reach beyond your sensual parts? Those are the questions you should ask yourself.

In your quest to get more out of your friendship with younger men, you should embrace it, but you shouldn’t lower your standards. Most younger men may feel intimidated by your confidence and maturity and that is why you need friendship to help them warm up to you.

Filling your life

At this stage of your life, you should be most concerned about filling your life with love, laughter, and sparkles. You must be open to playing with the younger man to subconsciously get in touch with a part of him that he may not readily show. Communicate and allow the younger man to enjoy his fun activities and interests. That way, you will boost his esteem; he will outgrow his naivety and develop his confidence.

When you check these things, and they are positive, then you can make your decision. However, when you begin the relationship, you should treat it seriously and allow the friendship to bloom further by letting the younger man take responsibility.

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