Basically, a toyboy is said to be a young man in either a romantic or sexual relationship with a much older woman. Sometimes, the relationship might just be casual with no intention of moving further. Though it is quite unusual, there are many reasons older women sometimes prefer to date a much younger man. It might look weird most times, but dating a younger man actually has its own advantages likewise its disadvantages. In this article. We’ll examine the reasons for you to date a toyboy and also why you may not need to do so.

It’s hard to determine the age difference in a relationship which makes the younger man a toyboy. But usually, an age gap of around 13 years and upwards is an example.  A lot of popular celebrities have been seen in relationships with younger men so it doesn’t really attract weird looks as it used to in the past. So we’ll examine the common reasons women go for younger men/its advantages below.

Common Reasons Women Go For Younger Men and The Advantages

  1. More Fun

Younger men are very up to date and lively than men who are the same age as you or older. They are more open, relaxed and fun. A younger men will try to please you and would be open to different ways of spicing things up. They are more daring and entertaining. An older man on a date would be more reserved and formal while a toyboy might not be shy to do weird stuffs all to make you laugh. Older men tend to be more cautious and rigid, which is why it is easier to feel bored being with an older mam than with a younger man.

Women who are looking to get more fun sometimes prefer to date a toyboy. This all depends on preference. If you are the fun loving and thrill seeking type or if you prefer someone more energetic and more daring than you are, then you can go for a younger man. However, if you are the reserved type and you prefer someone with the same energy level as you, then it might be better to date someone within your age range or a much older person.

  1. Toyboys are more teachable

While older men are most times very rigid and may be unwilling at times to try out new stuff, younger men are more open to new activities and ideas. They are young, thus more teachable. Though they may come across as being over confident, they are actually eager to get new experiences and will be more willing to learn new stuffs from an older partner. Thus, women who want a confident and daring man but who at the same time is teachable, prefer to date a toyboy. Also, some women prefer to be in charge or to be the older one in a relationship, which is why they choose to date younger men. If you want this, then you can get a toyboy instead of an older man.

  1. Toyboys aren’t clingy

Unlike older men, toyboys are not possessive. They do not get jealous unnecessarily and most of them are just content with the fun and other things in the relationship.

  1. They look good

Older men usually lose that youthful charm and gorgeous look more quickly while depending on the age, toyboys still look gorgeous. They have more time to take care of themselves as younger people care more about their looks than older people.

  1. Romance

Younger men are eager to impress and please, which is why they are more romantic. They are very sweet to be around. They are also eager to turn things up in the bedroom as they are more energetic than older men.


It’s not all fun and roses, dating a toyboy comes with its perks too which you should know. First, whether or not you’ll enjoy the relationship depends on your preference and personality. What attracts others may put you off. For example, some women prefer to be the one in charge of a relationship with a younger man. While some prefer the reserved relationship with an older man.

One of the main issues with dating a toyboy is the issue of commitment. Younger men are mostly unstable and most will just date older women for fun without any serious plans for the relationship. Though the relationship might look very good at first. Once they become bored or once they get another person, it would be easy for them to leave you heartbroken. A relationship with a toyboy would probably work best when there are no deep feelings involved.

Also, they might exhibit some behaviour which may look immature to you while it may be actually normal for people of their age. He may choose to attend late night parties, do dangerous and stupid stuffs, etc. You might get put off by some of these. Toyboys usually lack the maturity an older man possesses so you must be prepared for that.

Lastly, a younger man’s plan may be different from yours. Most times, he’s just starting to find a balance in his life and career. You may not be able to move at the same pace.

In conclusion, not every woman should date a toyboy. It all depends on what the woman wants and whether she is ready to cope with the downsides.

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