A ToyBoy keeps an older Woman happy and glowing

A while ago, one of my friend aged 42 married to a boy aged 31 having an year old daughter.

You must be wondering, why would a woman in her senses would marry a man much younger than her, I would say why not?

The fact is, as the woman grow older, they want to look even younger, woman’s love to look 28 at the age of 56, they want pleasure, which is the right of every human being.

The matter of fact is, if a Woman marries a man older than her. It will make her feel older and if woman marries a man younger than her, will make her feel younger.

Being young is the secret of youthfulness and youthfulness always keeps you happy. Taken an example of an Actress, Actresses always look younger. Because they mostly have younger boyfriends.

Younger man is more innocent, as they have less tantrums in comparison to the older man. It keeps them calm and controlled, as they have less responsibilities.

The older mans are more dramatic, they’re less energized, they get tired very easily. They would be lazy in most of their daily activities, which will make them very boring.

Whereas the younger man is always energetic. He is always ready for any activity, he enjoys his life to the fullest. In-fact, he would even perform well on the bed to the utmost satisfaction.

Being happy and keeping happy is all we need in life. How does it matter, if the person is younger or older. It is all about having a partner, which keeps you positive.

Not only is dating a toyboy makes a woman happy, but it also rejuvenates her old fun memories and experiences. The youthful stage of most women is characterized by being adoring, fashionable, charming, sexy and romantic, etc. Being around a toyboy will transform her into bouncing back to her youthful experiences.

The romantic outings, lovers hang out, love plays, with her toyboy, makes her feel like she is reliving her 20s. The presence of toyboy in her life makes her modern and updated. He exposes her to trending activities and practices. She will felt like trying out what her toyboy ask and it becomes part and parcel of her life.

She will be exposed to trending styles of music, movies, fashions, new sex styles, romance behaviors, etc. All these are the basic things that a woman younger.

It makes her glow and stand out among her age mates. She develops feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction from engaging in new activities and practices. She can never witness all these if she is with an older man or man of her age.

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