Too Little Too Young

I met the most beautiful young woman last night, but … and yes, there is a “gift”. There is not always one where I am concerned …

Okay, so I told you about some of the younger women who had crossed my path before; whether it was that French-Canadian killing intent, or rather a former semi-neurotic model or even Kerry Witts. My first comfort after Jane. But in hindsight, I was probably less friendly than I would be here. Although on the flipside, I would probably find a boss now instead. However, this cannot be helped; it is a story to be told in the end.

While we were Sitting

I met her during drinks at work with my team from the local boozer. When I washed the week’s highs and lows. I noticed another group occupying the same offices served. While we were sitting at a few tables and after a few waves and smiles had invited them to come and join our cheerful band in the greatest tradition of being sociable.

Well, as the chairs were dragged, more drinks were bought, hands shook and full introductions made. So I found myself sitting next to her; their office manager. As it turned out, and someone I often invited to hide and hide from our building. But also someone who was beyond the politely weird knot with whom we had never spent the day.

Our Collected Talk

Her name was Lisa, a most beautiful young woman spoken of as you are likely to ever encounter in my book, and extremely effective. According to one of her colleagues. Who, rather, syncopically sang her praises during her early sessions. of our collected talk (plus I have to say that she had the most captivating brown eyes. I mean the eyes right now, what happens to Dane with green eyes, last week – to match her tidy bob and the dark skin, the envy of the insufferable).

In any case, conversations often make a big meal in a noisy pub, so most of us split into many smaller ones, and so I ended up talking to her. Even when my team connected with the other guests, bought more drinks and I was constantly getting caught.

My Team

Normally, I detained. I mean, it wasn’t like the old media sales; now, usually, I’m a little more reluctant to leave the managerial guard in even social situations, if “children” are present (unless I cheated too many). But hey, she wasn’t a member of my “team”, she was just talking and even making an idea of ​​being a gentleman, if she was somewhat patronizing (as I said right now) in my approach, just as to there is no laughter.

While chatting, I discovered that Lisa was in her mid-twenties, living with apartment mates, and liked ordinary things (plus cats). And no, she saw no one; she was a bit too independent for everything now and so she hadn’t met the right guy yet (bar one, but they had failed to resolve things, although she seemed to keep in regular contact on Facebook). In fact, she was more convinced that she would end up just like a spinster (still cats).

Girl Next Door

Well, I soon found out that he started to like me. He was charming, charming, intelligent, had a lot to say (and became so infectious “alive”, all the more excited that she said it), seemed interested in what stories I dared to tell, seemed effortless. and with all the epitaphs of the whole ideal of the “girl next door”, my director always sounds about every time he tries to convince me that it is time to get involved with someone (for now he knows my thinking processes along these lines at the moment) . In other words, it was really as cute as I said at the beginning. So why not ask her for a more intimate drink sometime.

Well, because …

Because you see that just some of these aspects of it have weirdly diminished the attraction almost when I was starting to have fun. This seems like a good thing to say, but I think it was something too beautiful, too innocent, too clipped, too freshly posted about it; especially since the more he drank, the more he started to look so … so “young” (and hey, I mean, even by my standards, Sammie, who is even younger, but it’s something more hidden).

As beautiful as it was, no doubt, now I could see something almost too incorruptible perfectly in that beauty, like a doll of unpunished china that melted your heart, but not your soul. Actually, it’s a bit pretentious isn’t it? I think he wasn’t old enough for me.

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