Why woman dump their husband for a Toyboy

Toyboys are now gaining presence in the global communities and the world at large. This steady presence has been highly associated with celebrities. Celebrities like Madonna, Demi Moore, Khloe Kardashian, and some others.

While, relationships like this keep soaring among famous and popular celebrities, some people are still insinuating against it. These are largely a group of people that have reminisced about their old beliefs and thinking. They are not ready to accept recent modifications and changes that are happening in their society.

They see a toyboy-cougar relationship as a celebrity freak what only works in movies. They believed it is not sustainable in real life. But rather, in society, a large proportion are now engaging in cougar-toyboy relationships than ever before.

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However, the main factor contributing to awareness and encouragement of toyboy-cougar relationship is the media. Apart from the media, there are other reasons why toyboy relationship are soaring higher and gradually gaining grounds. Despite real-life stories and fictions in movies are gradually expanding the connotation of age and gender bracket, it is still a subject of criticism. However, here are some reasons why a  woman dumps her husband for a toyboy. Here are the following points:

Priority placement on romance and sexual pleasure

Women with toyboys expressed themselves when it comes to priority on sexual pleasure. They opined that toy boys are devoted and motivated to giving them sexual pleasures and needs. Toyboy ensures they satisfy their cougar before getting to satisfy themselves. That means sexual and romance priority by toyboys are for their woman solely. Toyboys induced the utmost focus and attention to the satisfaction of their cougar. This is in contrast to sex romance and pleasure from older men or men of their age. These men’s priority is solely for themselves mostly. They took dominating and decisive roles to receive sexual pleasure not minding their woman. This is obviously one of those reasons why women prefer spending the rest of their lives with toyboys. They enjoyed more importance when given liberty of expression to express their sexual assertiveness. Toyboys fantasized that older women are more experienced in a relationship than them. Because of that, they will ensure to meet up to the expectation of their woman thereby resulting in placing more priority on them. Moreover, toyboys are often appreciative of their cougars taking the active roles.

Sexual activities:

Women in their 40s to 60s are always drawn sexually to toyboys. This is because older women believed toyboys have much to offer to them sexually than older men or men of their age. Toyboys are physically fit, have sexual stamina and have more reliable erections. Younger men have more sexual drives than older men. Meanwhile, cougars possessed a higher sexual drive, which makes toyboys the ideal and perfect match for them. Older women reveal men older men or men of their age can keep up to their sexual satisfaction for up a few weeks. After these periods, they couldn’t them turn on any longer and couldn’t meet up to their needs anymore.

Excitement level:

While older men enjoy higher level of satisfaction from dating younger women, so also is the vice versa for older women. Older women tend to derive more excitement and satisfaction from being around with toyboys. They experienced updated, modern and trending activities that induce enjoyments in them. They shared the mode of life activities of the toyboy. Such as music styles, fashion, hanging out, movies, romance play etc. Older women will always want to look younger or experience youthfulness if they had the chance again.

The chances are what toyboys offer them by molding them to new kind of lifestyles. Women enjoy a higher level of excitement from all these activities and engagement with toyboys. This is what they can’t be given by older men because these men are glued to their upbringing lifestyle and could not in any way adjust to new trends. Older men lifestyles are outdated and boring and can’t induce much excitement when being around them, unlike toyboys.

Relationship experiences:

Most women were not allowed the chance to take a decisive or leading role during the course of their relationship with their man. Rather, they were confirmed to perform in response to decisions their man takes or ask of them. Such is the case of older man and younger woman relationship or same age relationship. Some women in one way or the other got involved with toyboys and fell in love with how the relationship looks like. Some women are bemused with predatory and/or restrictive experiences they have witnessed with their husband. They felt living their life with a husband is like being condoned under someone.

They want to taste the life of how it feels not subjected to anybody or taking the leading role in a relationship. Rather than enduring attitudes of disrespect, displeasure, arguments, and disagreements that sometimes accompany this type of relationship, they decided to dump their husband to find less restrictive, which is a cougar relationship. They derive more joy, liberty, and happiness in dating toyboys than being with a husband. Since they find more comfort and peace with younger lovers, they will rather prefer staying with young lovers than their husband.

Dominance in bed

Older women are likely to have gained more experience when it comes to activities in bed. A woman who is between age 40s to 60s would have in many ways perform casual sexual activities. Because of this, the woman would have known what she wants in bed and how she wants she wants to be handled. Due to this, she is capable of taking the dominating role in bed. Having a toyboy will be an advantage to her rather than her husband in initiating this role. She will be able to mold the toyboy to her own perfection and satisfaction.

She makes him the kind of lover she wants. Taking the dominating roles sometimes depend on the kind husband she has. But it will be easier controlling a toyboy than the husband. In most relationship with older men, she will have to oblige to whatever the husband wants without her not being able to express herself.  Being with toyboy is accompanied with zero insecurity or distress of non-fulfillment of herself or not meeting up to expectation. Rather, it is the toyboy that makes sure she is able to fulfill all her needs in bed.


Some women believed ending a relationship. This is due to their self-sufficiency. Since they have what it takes to take care of themselves and they feel staying with husband could no longer be a necessity for them. With the gradual increase in the spread of feminism among the societies of the world, a woman is no longer getting interested in staying with her husband. The aim of feminism is almost allying with the concept of having a toyboy though not completely the same. Self-sufficient ladies that are smart, highly educated and financially stable are the head of themselves.

Husband thinks their masculinity is being threatened and they don’t like it. Most men can’t handle women they feel they are inferior to. The older woman feels of what purpose id a man who can handle her, feeling threatened, passive and too dormant in lifting her higher than she can be. Instead of continuing engaging in such relationship, they rather opt in for a toyboy who will take them for who they are, won’t feel threatened, won’t go against their decisions, respect and love them and at the same time will be satisfying their needs selflessly.


Not all toyboy- cougar relationships are an economic benefit that favors solely the toyboy. Some cougars dump their husband and quit relationship with them to be with a toyboy. Some ended the relationship so as to get elevated or promoted. This is due to influences and opportunities some toyboys are capable of unleashing on their cougars. Also, it can be as a result of the financial endowment of the toyboy all in a bid to get endowed as well.

Especially, ladies which their beauty and body aging do not fade or diminish with time. Such ladies in their mid-30s to 60s with younger stature that are approached by younger guys will felt compromised if they keep on living with their husband. They will rather start a new life with a toyboy rather than ending their life with a man that keeps aging and can’t meet her requirement.

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