Things you should know about a Toy boy

Many may be wondering what is a toy boy? According to the Urban dictionary, toyboy means “younger male partner in love with an older or middle-aged woman”. This type of relationship is termed a cougar relationship. It involves an older woman and a younger man known as “toyboy”.

Cougar dating is becoming an acceptable norm which is depleting the predatory connotation that man must be the older than a woman in a relationship. However, so many platforms are encouraging cougar dating among men and women e.g. Toyboy warehouse dating site.

Due to societal beliefs, children ‘s pressure, women find it hard to engage in toyboy dating. Meanwhile, there are so many benefits of toyboy dating. The society sees toyboy love in the 21st century to be childish, less ideal, less romantic and unsustainable. Well, it goes the other way round. Here, I will discuss common things you should know about toyboys.

  • Unleashes secrets of youthfulness

The youthfulness of toy boys sort of re-ignite youthful experiences in you. By being around them, their youthfulness influences you e.g. choice of your toyboy’s song playlists. Toyboys are simple-minded, innocent, and unwary. Toyboys always developed exciting and captivating imagination about love.

It will entice, transform and turn you on completely which will give you the wildest feelings you can ever achieve. Younger men have urge and zeal for passionate and enthusiastic modern life which they offer easy to their cougar.

  • Young looking

Toyboys will make you look younger and give you a zest for life. Older women always feel like their attractiveness is intact when they receive frequent approaches and treat from younger men. A toyboy affair drama is like approaching a lady and inputting a new battery into her. Imagine how cool it is when a younger man approaches you instead of a woman of his age group. Toyboys elevate their older women’s spirit, renewed their energy and makes them look more adorning.

  • Receptiveness

Toyboys are always willing to listen and receive ideas and suggestions from older women. They don’t feel intimidated by the independence of their women and that’s why they are always open-minded. They are fitter and responsive due to their energy which makes it a great deal to seek for younger men.

  • Pleasure in being spontaneous and romantic

Experience with a toyboy is always filled with intense and lovely sexual experiences. As woman come closer to menopause state, her urge for sex increases which makes energetic toyboy an ideal partner. Toyboys are always tender and giving. So, sexual actions in bed are mostly dominated by the woman which makes her enjoy herself during sex. Moreover, no restrictive period of having sex.

He will always be willing to have sex with her anytime she wants. A toyboy will always make her feel precious and valuable. He will always treat her with respect and adore her deeply for being attracted to them. This makes their company pleasurable and their sex life wondrous.

  • Equality

Toyboys treat older women as their equal. Younger guys adore the confidence and charisma that an older woman possessed. A toyboy finds a relationship with his older woman fascinating and free. This is because she knows what she wants and knows about how to go about getting it.

This is unlike younger women that are not sure of what they need. Women expect toyboys to be modern, open and prefer a comfortable attitude in a relationship. So, women won’t find themselves permanently taking up roles of housewives or housekeepers in a relationship. He won’t care to offer a hand in helping her handles household chores.

  • Risks accompanying pregnancies

Researches have found out that older women having toy boys as a partner increases the chance of having babies successfully. The chance of live birth by women is improved by 70% if they have toy boys as their partner. Live birth incidence is 54% when conceiving with a man of their own age. Also, having babies for toyboys are rarely accompanied by risks like miscarriage, unlike having babies for older men.

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