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Love addiction or core conditions?

I recently read a fair amount, plus research for my new novel that involves the delicious task of reading every women’s magazine hot gossip on the market. However, suffice it to say that many questions seem to be asked about the inconvenience of relationships and the pros and cons of dating. So, for what this deserves is my take over and I have been in the relationship game for a long time in different aspects.

Let me start by saying that I have been married and employed, for 17 years, I have children, 2 adults and 14 years and since I was divorced 10 years ago, I have always been with younger men. My current boyfriend is 24 years younger than me and after two years of escaping about being a “Prat” because he has never been in love so far, he is happy to think about spending the next ten years with me and to They build a life together that we both want.

This is the starting point of this piece.

Does dating sure mean finding a person you want to do the same thing in life with? This can range from cocktails and full sex 3 times a week to a Hebrides Outer farm. It has all forms and dimensions of commitment and agreement, but the only thing that makes it work is if some kind of basic conditions or contract are agreed upon. Yes, there must be attraction, chemistry, the right timing and, in my case, a fair amount of patience for my partner to grow and realize that love doesn’t always come in a cute package with a fairy tale wedding, his mother always considered.

The plus part for him is that at 27, even if he spends the next 10 years with me, he can still go to sunset and have a family if he wants to. Watching a 14-year-old throw a big chunk of adolescence the next day, the reply was

“Honey, I don’t think I want kids.”

The difference for me this time is that I can actually imagine living and building a life together. I tried it and it works quite well, much better than my marriage did. For me being with someone means not only loving them, but building a life or a dream together. For me, love is simply not enough, there must be a concrete world in which to live. It is a matter of lateral thinking; it may not always be possible to go the traditional route and we cannot choose who we fall in love with.

We are both strong, positive, independent people, who compliment our problems and so far, have given us respect for each other. There are no control problems involved; he is my inspiration and a profound supporter of my work.

Before you start to vomit with distrust, let me add that there are a lot of times when we both need space from each other (it can be as much as a month sometimes) and we don’t even go to vacation together. But we trust each other to give and take the liberty and I allow myself to add at this moment only that I did not write the 10 year contract, but he.

Poets are always dependent on romantic love, at least lyrical poets like me, so it may be even harder for me to give up the happy walk of the meeting than it is for him and I honestly think he was sick of it. So, here I am on the site to listen to you all and respond to messages, I like to talk ……….., but in fact, once in my life I am perfectly happy with what I have , how long.

ten days …… one year …… .or help …… ..for years !!

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