Jane And Her ToyBoy: Happy Ending

Jane, 37 is a married woman, blissful family, a very good husband, three beautiful daughters and a good career in nursing to top it all off. What more could a woman ask for? She literally had it all at her feet. But, she had a Toyboy lover boy with whom she constantly makes love with at work. Sometimes, she would get back home from work, cook dinner for her family and run off back to work saying she has outstanding projects just to meet with her loverboy. It was really that passionate.

Dating Younger Men is Like a Taboo

Sometimes, older women dating younger men doesn’t sound too nice to the ears. I mean, it is almost like a taboo. But, ever since Jane met Daren, her toyboy who is 18 years old, they really couldn’t get enough of each other every time with how passionately they made out. Jane and Darren would make out for about six or seven times a day. She was doing almost nothing at work.

But, did it last? I mean she was living a double life. How was she able to pull it off with her husband and her kids?

Sadly,  she left her husband , Garrett with whom she’s been with for about seven years. All for her toyboy really? Was it worth it?

I guess she was not really happy with Garrett after all. He was always working long hours and wasn’t as passionate and sexually affectionate as Darren was. So, she had the guts to divorce him and not feel guilty.

She was always lonely and she would occasionally go to her Grandmother Eva’s place near the beach at Porthcawl just to ease herself off the boredom.

Awkward Visit

But, really nothing is as good as having a man by her side. It was during one of the visits that she met with Darren. She said she just spotted this young-looking lad, he was so handsome. Jane said. She invited him to join them, she wasn’t too comfortable seeing him all by himself. That was how it all started.

She engaged him in conversations. She didn’t hide anything from him, told him about her husband and her children. Jane was really into Darren from the first sight. He also didn’t find dating older women like Jane awkward. They went straight into action that day, they kissed.

At first, she taught about it, giving in to an 18-year old boy who finds her sexy. She said. But, she was all caught up in the love for Darren. She didn’t care about it even though meeting Darren had turned everything upside down. A broken home was just all that caused her sleepless nights but she loved her toyboy.

The next night they met, danced at midnight and had sex on the beach.


Known Only for a Month

She had only known her toyboy, Darren for a month and what was between was so mutual and tight. I really think Darren found dating older women fun just like the way he was with Jane.  He actually loves Jane more than ever, and he is happy he is part of the family. He says.

It was obvious Darren also loved Jane if he could let all that happen because of him. It was a mutual agreement and was so intimate that Jane decided to start a new life with him in Blackpool. Darren said he was also ready for commitment and he said he could take care of the family. Funny right? He was only 18. I guess he didn’t really know what was in for him.

But he said, “we have made it work where others said we would fail”.

I mean wow!

Of a truth, older women dating younger men wasn’t just it but they both grew stronger and stronger as days went by. Although at first nobody knew about Darren, not even Micheal, her ex noticed. He believed her whenever she said she had projects or outstanding work at the office after cooking dinner.

Although, there was a time Michael came into Jane’s office when Darren was around.


Well, Jane wasn’t around at that moment and Darren told Garrett what he was just working for Jane which Michael believed, he never taught Jane could be having an affair. Jane made it an effort to keep it a secret every time.

But it wasn’t forever right?

Jane and her toyboy decided to move on with their passionate lives together, Jane divorced Garrett, told her children about Darren. Luckily, they adorned him and this was a big push for Jane.

They moved with the children to Blackpool. Found a house there, got a school for the children and a job for Darren so he could earn money and care for the family.

Seems like a perfect story

How about Jane’s parents? How did they take it?

Jane was actually visiting her parents without Darren for about two months.

How did she do it then? They were going to find out anyway. Either from Micheal, her ex or the children or Jane herself.

The End

In the end, she told her parents in a letter. Well, that was good enough they really didn’t know how Darren really looked. Guess she really didn’t really include his age. Finally, when Jane’s mum got to see Darren. She almost fainted in her chair, she went completely white.  The first question she asked was. “Is he still at school”? She was not really in support of it. Even when Jane invited her mum for their wedding ceremony. “She put the phone down on me,” She said sadly. They married on March 1995.

As days went by, they moved to Llanbradach and took up coordinator jobs for a retail distribution company, Jane got sick for a while but later recovered. There love grew stronger and stronger each day it seemed hard and impossible, but love was the common word between them.

I would say they had no regrets, Jane’s parents later accepted Darren.

They were both happy in the end. I love Darren more than ever. Jane concluded staring at her toyboy and her husband.

Perfect love story.


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